Meals and Entertainment – Here’s the “skinny”

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made some significant changes to what employers can and cannot deduct in regards to meals and entertainment. Below is a BRIEF overview of the changes effective in 2018. ENTERTAINMENT IS NO LONGER DEDUCTIBLE Under the new tax law a deduction can’t be claimed for an activity generally considered […]

My FTB – what is it and why do we use it

We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the process for Vanderbilt CPAs accessing your “MyFTB” accounts and make you aware of some updated Federal and California filing dates. Why does Vanderbilt access your account? We access your account to confirm that the amounts that the FTB has credited to your account agrees […]

To VCPA business clients:

Asset expense policy The IRS has listened to the tax professionals and given businesses some administrative relief by not requiring them to capitalize and depreciate small items. By adding detailed descriptions to purchases in your accounting systems it will allow us to quickly determine whether certain items should be capitalized or not also relieving follow […]

Subject: IRS Letter 5071 C – Identity Theft

Friends, We recently became aware of IRS’ latest tool in the fight against identity theft and want to share it with you. IRS Letter 5071-C looks like it might be a scam, but it is NOT – it’s the real deal. If you receive this letter in the mail, it means IRS has received a […]


If You Have Employees, even Household – THIS MEANS YOU! READ ON… Friends, A new law effective July 1, 2015 requires California employers to provide paid sick leave benefits to their employees, including part time and temporary employees. We encourage you to seek guidance from legal counsel experienced in employment practice matters to review your company’s […]