in memory.

March 29, 2023

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our beloved office pup, Stiggy “The Shredder” Negrete.

Also known as Mr. Stiggs, Stiggy-pants and the Stig-meister. Stiggy was adopted by his hooman family in October 2016 and quickly became a pup of legends on the Vanderbilt CPA’s team helping to keep their stress levels down during the busy season, as well as taking his daily role as “client greeter” very seriously.

Some of Stiggy’s favorite activities included cuddling, hogging mom’s side of the bed, and mastering the fine art of paper shredding… he could shred a piece of paper faster than his namesake, Racecar driver “Stig”, could complete a lap around the track!

The quickest way to Stiggy’s heart was with a quality treat he deemed acceptable on any given day, and a rub of his little pink belly.

At the wishes of Stiggy’s family, please give your pup extra hugs, lots of belly rubs, and the “good treats”!